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Aluminium stand 110/198cm

3 sections-2 risers stand and 1 levelling leg.


Product Code A1020B
Category Stands

Aluminium stand 110/198cm


Max payload

25 kg

Attachment 01

1 1/8 (28 mm) bushing not threaded

Attachment 02 5/8 (16 mm) spigot not threaded
Attachment number

1 1/8 female & 5/8 male attachment type

Max height

198 cm


4.5 kg

Arm tube diameters

45, 40, 35 mm

Closed length

93 cm


Aluminium, black

Min height

110 cm

Section centre column

3 sections, 2 risers

Ordering Codes

A1020B - Aluminium stand, 2 risers, 110/198cm, 28/16mm socket, black, 25kg load 

Aluminium stand 110/198cm

Data sheet
A1020 - A1035 - A1045B_LD

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