Quartzcolor is a Cosmolight brand Quartzcolor
a Cosmolight brand
Studio Led X Series


Studio Led X Series

Studio Led X Series


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Nanyang Polytechnic

Media Studio, Singapore, 2015

Best known and reliable TV studio lighting equipment, made in Italy

A world-renowned brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performance, reliable, durable and low-maintenance professional lighting fixtures.
The variety of QUARTZCOLOR range of LED and Tungsten Fresnel fixtures, Softlights, Fill & Cyclorama lighting guarantees diverse solutions for almost any lighting application, especially TV studios, virtual sets and theatres.

Designed and manufactured in ITALY and built to meet the demanding needs of lighting professionals worldwide, QUARTZCOLOR boasts a strong presence and reputation in global markets based on pioneering famous product innovations that have become a standard and a reference within the lighting industry.

Back from BroadcastAsia 2018


We would like to thank all the people who stopped by and took a look to our products at our partner stand, AVLite Pte. Ldt. We enjoyed meeting all of you, catching up with old friends and partners,...

Quartzcolor at Koba 2018


This year, we had the opportunity to show our Quartzcolor Studio LED X Series Plus range in the Asian market. In fact, our products were displayed at KOBA 2018: the important trade show that took plac...

17 APR 2018

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We at Cosmolight would like to thank all the people who visited our booth for taking time with us. We enjoyed meeting all of you, catching up with old friends and partners, and making new ones. ...